Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So Easy a CaveBro Can do it: Miley Cyrus

The countdown is over, and Miley Cyrus is 18!  I'm a guy that likes to keep my odds in a realistic perspective, so I can honestly say that I'd never have a chance with her.  However I do know that the odds are good that some long-awaited pics will be released sooner than later.  She already tried to stretch those limits when she was underage a few times, and I respect her because of that.  Miley knows the bros want to see some skin, and she's clearly trying her hardest to be as slutty as possible.  Not to mention that "Party in the USA" is a sick jam. 

Even though this new guy named Avan Jogia looks like a big bag of douche,  I'm not worried.  The long awaited pics are only weeks away now.  Congratulations Miley, you've won the well deserved "So Easy a CaveBro Can do it" award of the week. 

Nude Pics:  Over/Under  -  1 month

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