Saturday, December 25, 2010

Steve Nash to the Celtics?

Obviously when a fan's team spurts for a 14 game winning streak, a fan can only be happy.  After watching the terrible let down by the Perkinless, Rondoless, Westless Celtics, but more specifically back-up Point Guard/Shooting Guard Nate Robinson, I began thinking about any possible addition that my Celtics could swing prior to the NBA trading deadline.  Little Nate shot 2-15 from the field today, unacceptable but not something that is unexpected from the erratic guard, a poor fit for taking over for Rondo's duties while he is injured.  With his size and lack of consistency, I don't think the Celtics would be hurting themselves if they give Nate up in a trade, especially if Steve Nash was coming back in return.

I listed numerous reasons that support Steve Nash coming to Boston, and a one single reason that work against that possibility.  Beginning with the reasons that the scenario would not work, the Celtics may or may not have enough pieces to make the move for Nash.  Most of the Celtics roster is off-limits for a trade as GM Danny Ainge wouldn't want to kill the current synergy that the team shares.  Meaning chances are that Nate Robinson, Semih Erden, Von Wafer, Delonte West, Avery Bradley, and Luke Harangody are the select few that could be available, not the most enticing group of players to say the least.  But if the Suns are indeed entering a rebuilding stage, which is my thought, then recieving youth in return for the old, former 2-time MVP isn't such a bad thing.  Plus, the Celtics have draft picks to offer as well.

Like I just mentioned, I believe the Phoenix Suns are entering a rebuilding stage.  This began when the Suns made a laughable effort to resign the talents of Amare Stoudemire.  GM Steve Kerr was able to acquire Hedo Turkoglu and Jason Richardson in an attempt to put some pieces around Nash.  That obviously hasn't lasted long as the Suns have traded away both Turkoglu and Richardson for the expiring contract of a Vince Carter past his prime.  Carter will not be returning after this season.  I compare the Suns to the Washington Wizards, look at the Wizard teams through the past 3 years.  The Wizards, like the Suns, were expected to put a solid run together to make the NBA Finals the past few years, carrying names such as Gilbert Arenas, Caron Butler, Antawn Jamison, Brendan Haywood, and Deshawn Stevenson.  At the same time the Suns roster still had Amare Stoudemire, Jason Richardson, Leandro Barbosa, Boris Diaw, Matt Barnes, Raja Bell, and the Big Shaqtus.  Both teams have clearly revamped their rosters compared to what they currently look like.  None of the players just mentioned are currently still playing for that same team, and these aren't really just mediocre players either.

Steve Nash wants a ring.  The passion that Nash plays with game in and game out are proof of his desire to win, something that won't be accomplished with the Suns, a team in shambles.   For this reason, Boston seems to be Nash's perfect fit.  I took a peek at the current top 6 teams in each league, none of which suited Nash better than the Celtics.  The C's are an old team, yes, but all have taken pay cuts with one goal, to win.  The moment the "Big 3" united in Boston, all individual matters drifted away.  Nash is due to make just above 10 million dollars in a contract ending in 2012.  He could probably manage to keep the same salary if he went to Boston, but would probably be asked to take a small pay-cut.

Also, the Celtics and Suns do have experience with trading with each other.  Phoenix shipped Rajon Rondo and Brian Grant to Boston for underachieving Marcus Banks and the Celtics future first round that had been the Cleveland Cavalier's (projected to be a top 10 pick).  That pick ended up being the 24th pick in the draft, Rudy Fernandez, who was immediately traded to the Portland Trail Blazers for trash and cash.  So, these teams are not unfamiliar with each other (By the way, thanks for Rajon Rondo Phoenix).  It would only make sense for the Suns to get some value, and send Nash to a contender before he's too far over the hill to compete.

Overall I think this would make sense for everyone, between the two teams, to the players that would be involved.  Steve Nash is a bro that wants some jewelry, and he can get it in Boston because he would mesh perfectly with the veteran stocked team.  Will it happen? Maybe not. Can it happen? Absolutely.

A Christmas Story or The Celtics?


Every year my family has Christmas at my Grandparent's house.  Usually before and after we eat, there will be a bit of a scrum for power over the television.  I understand that it is Christmas, I can respect that, but "A Christmas Story" may be the most over-played movie every year even though its only played during one week each year.  It's a classic, yes, but we've all seen it... "I want a BB gun", "no", "his tongue is stuck to a pole", "we have a flat tire", "FUCK", "wash his mouth out with soap", "I want a BB gun", "I got a BB gun", "I shot my eye out", "the meal is burnt", "let's go eat chinese".  Yep, there you go.  Plus, who wouldn't rather watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation over "A Christmas Story"?  Chevy Chase is watchable year round, not just Christmas. 

Now, my Boston Celtics are on a 14 games winning streak, looking for 15 against the in-conference rival Orlando Magic.  This is certainly a game I can watch the highlights for on SportsCenter, but that's not acceptable.  You could've watched "A Christmas Story" all week, and if you didn't that's too bad.  You can't always get what you want, unless you take it for yourself.  Those remotes have Brobama written all over them.  Don't be afraid to take control Bros, take back what is yours, the television.

Sports on Christmas?

1st off Merry Christmas!  This Christmas Day there are several NBA games being played throughout the day and one NFL game on at night.  I don't know about all of you but I am not fond of there being professional games played on Christmas Day.  Christmas is such a family oriented holiday.  Athletes should not have to play on Christmas Day, they should be home with their families relaxing and enjoying the holiday.   Lebron James stated in an interview that "We always say it's good for the fans. But the fans get an opportunity to see us all year. We've got TV games all year. We've got a TV game on Thursday (in Phoenix). I don't care for it too much." You might be thinking "for what he is being paid he shouldn't care if he play on holidays;" well he is a human being too and the leagues should have the decency to realize that there are more important things than making money. 

Thanksgiving is a different story.  It has been a long time tradition in the NFL to play on Thanksgiving and when you think of Thanksgiving you think of turkey, pie, and football.  I am not sure about all of you but I don't usually watch NBA on Christmas even if my favorite team is playing.  Another thing is, if you are going to have games played on Christmas why do only some teams play and the rest have the day off?  I just do not think the athletes should miss time with they're families on such a special holiday.  Yes, some players might not celebrate the holiday, but then give them a day off today so that they can just celebrate with their families. 

Let me know what you all think and have a happy and safe holiday.

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Next Michael Oher?


Is Sandra Bullock living her in film life of "The Blind Side" in real life?  This is her and adopted son Louis Bardot (Mini Michael Oher).  Remember this though mini Mike...
"Michael Oher listen to me, all right? I want you to enjoy yourself but if you get a girl pregnant out of wedlock I will crawl in the car, drive up here to Oxford and I will cut off your penis."

Leigh Anne Tuohy

More Proof That Cats Suck.

Malibu Times - A dog that fell into a two-foot-wide and 60-foot-deep hole was rescued by firefighters Tuesday. The dog, a French bulldog named Rocky, fell into a septic drill hole while walking with his owner, Victor, around 9 a.m. They were walking in Malibu up Corral Canyon.

"There were boards across the hole, but they were rotting, so when he walked across them he fell in," said Barbara Calandra, the owner's mother. "There was water in the bottom of the hole because of the rain, and it was just enough that he could keep his head above water."

When firefighters responded, they used a laundry basket with lunchmeat inside it to get Rocky to climb in. After about 45 minutes, Rocky made it back to the surface without any injuries.

The next day, when Rocky returned to the same path on his walk, he refused to go anywhere near the 60-foot-deep hole, Barbara Calandra said.


Tell me, if this was a cat in a two foot wide, 60 foot deep hole, would firefighters have made the effort to retrieve the cat?  Probably not.  They would fill the hole with water to see if it floats.  First of all, the cat would have most likely managed to drown in the water at the bottom of the septic drill hole from the rain.  Besides me hating cats for their shedding and surprise claws, they're idiots.   Even if there was catnip inside the laundry basket the cat would either already have been dead or would just rub against the basket and tease the firefighters.  The next day, Rocky even stayed far away from that hole, remembering the prior day's event.  Guaranteed that your average, stupid cat would find its way back into that same hole the next day.  Dogs 4 Life Bros.

Thursday, December 23, 2010



Please take just a few moments to read this.  Thank you to all of those that have been hanging in there in the Facebook group, I truly appreciate the support.  Whether you're reading my posts or not, it's nice to see you bros are still present.  Eventually the plan is to expand, I’ve already added a new, second author to The BroCave who will begin to contribute soon.  The purchase of an actual domain name for The BroCave will happen at some point in the near future.  For this reason I’m asking you bros to take some time to add at least people to the group.  At this point, in the introduction stage of The BroCave, any publicity is good publicity; I’d just like to get the number of readers increased from what it is currently.  You’ve got to start somewhere.  The blog is directed mostly towards males, but obviously I encourage females to read as well.  So I’m asking for your help, to get me one of the top things on my Christmas list, more readers.  The more the merrier, that way, more are likely to catch on.  Happy Holidays, and thank you for reading.  Read on Bros.

Happy Festivus Bros!


Today, December 23, is a very special day. It is in fact a Festivus for the rest of us, as Frank Costanza would say.  Any true Seinfeld fan knows exactly what I'm talking about.  If you don't like Seinfeld, try it out, the "Soup Nazi" is another classic.  Happy Festivus. Gather around the Festivus pole, eat dinner at 7:30, Airing of Grievances right after, and the Feats of Strength 9 PM. Do ittt.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Bro in Need of a Quick Opinion


The song is called "Love Like Woe" by The Ready Set.  Try not to mind the weird music video of zombies with glowing eyes coming after a bunch of kids in a shack when taking into consideration how you feel about this song.  Between the autotune, that weird little effect at 0:13 that seems to be pretty popular in many recent songs, and this dude's hair flips, I'm unsure if its weird or not that I actually like this song a lot.  The first time I heard it I thought "what is this shit?", but every time since that I've become more and more attached to it.  The rhythm is addicting.  Any thoughts?

Nice Suspenders Bro


You gotta give this old guy some credit for trying to get out of the house and do something productive with his time, admirable.  But what was he thinking when he left his home to work up a sweat at the gym? "It may cause me 3rd degree chaffage wearing these jeans, but at least my jeans will stay up"?  Who wants to be hospitalized for chaffage of the goods?  That's what elastic is for bro, one of the greatest inventions of all time.  Throw the sweats on baby, Nike won't be coming out with any Dri-Fit suspenders any time soon for you.  But, I guess it's better than seeing this bro walking around the gym in those tiny running dickshorts.  Anyone who has ever been to the gym and seen some twig walking around in these awkward things knows exactly what I'm talking about.  I definitely vote suspenders & jeans over dickshorts any day of the week, you've proved your point Wiseman.  Touche Sir.

BREAKING NEWS: No One Cares About Women's Sports

First of all, Congratulations to the Connecticut Huskies Women's Basketball team for claiming the longest winning streak in NCAA sports history, a truly amazing feat.  The Lady Huskies have won each game by an astonishing average of  a 33.3 point differential.  Prior to last night's game, Head Coach Geno Auriemma made many ill-timed, unneccessary statements.  "I just know there wouldn't be this many people in the room if we were chasing a woman's record," he said. "The reason everybody is having a heart attack the last four or five days is a bunch of women are threatening to break a men's record, and everybody is all up in arms about it.

Well honestly Geno, no one is "up in arms about it" because it is in fact women's basketball.  Tonight I watched the Orlando Magic versus the Dallas Mavericks on NBA TV, instead of your girls break the record.  Why?  At the end of the day you are still coaching women's basketball.  Although it is considered the purest form of basketball in the world due to the lack of player size, jumping ability, and increased utilization of mid-range jump shots, it's not entertaining.  For such an important game I barely hesitated to change the channel from a game between two NBA teams I don't care about to the 89th consecutive win game for the UCONN ladies (Plus the Maverick-Magic game actually turned out to be pretty good). 

I guarantee no men's team will ever break the UCONN Women's basketball team win streak if it ever ends, let alone John Wooden's UCLA Men's basketball win streak.  The reason is parity, or lack there of I should say.  The Lady Huskies defeated the number 11 ranked Ohio State Women's basketball team by 31 points on Sunday.  Only 3 times in the past 3 years worth of games has a team come within 10 or fewer points of Connecticut.  That's absurd.  What would make Geno Auriemma think that anyone cares about his Women's basketball games when everyone knows they are going to win.  There was not the slightest chance that number 20 Florida State knocked them off tonight.

Auriemma also says, "Because we're breaking a men's record, we've got a lot of people paying attention. If we were breaking a women's record, everybody would go, 'Aren't those girls nice, let's give them two paragraphs in USA Today, give them one line on the bottom of ESPN and then let's send them back where they belong, in the kitchen.' "  Yes, there are a lot of people paying attention to the streak now, but not because it is a men's basketball streak, but because of how legendary the UCLA teams were that earned it to begin with.  Maybe Geno did this as a stunt to attract more attention to the struggling sport of women's basketball, maybe he really believes what he said, either way, Geno should probably head to the kitchen before anyone else should so he can cook up some better educated statements and ask himself, "Am I in it for my ego, or the good of my team". If he is looking for comparisons to John Wooden, this doesn't help his case. This whiny tantrum is something that would never come from the beloved John Wooden (a longtime supporter of the Lady Huskies).

The streak is obviously a significant, important day in the sports world which signifies the reason that people watch, play, and show admiration in all sports: the jaunt for excellence.  The NCAA sports winning streak has been broken, and the NCAA Women's basketball winning streak has most certainly been shattered, but the NCAA Men's basketball winning streak has not, and never will be overcome by another Men's team.  John Wooden's UCLA basketball teams stand alone in not only the talent they possessed, but the talent they faced.  For this reason, Geno Auriemma's legacy will never truly stand close to the Great John Wooden's.

P.S. - The Lingerie Football League's very own Los Angeles Temptation face the San Diego Seduction on New Years day at 9 PM.  I recommend tuning in, it might be the only women's sports I watch for the entire new year.  That and the Lingerie Bowl February 6th...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Get Your Ass to Wegmans!


I live with downstater Bros at college, none of which have ever been to a Wegmans.  They hear me talk about how fresh, and how much better Wegmans is as a whole compared to any other grocery store.  "It's only a grocery store", they say.  False.  Wegmans represents the quality that everyone expects when they go to buy food.  Tonight I just finished a fresh sub that they'll make for you on the fly just like any other sub joint: Subway, Quiznos, etc, except 1000 times better.  Last night I cooked up some crab cakes that i watched an employee prepare, some fresh scallops, and ravioli, all a Wegmans product.  Now they even have 30 Rock's Bro Alec Baldwin as a spokesperson for Wegmans, who earlier this year was on The Late Show with David Letterman boasting about Wegmans.  Wegmans has managed to excel as a regional company.  Hopefully they can remain successful within the region because you will not find a fresher aura at a grocery store than you do when you make a  shopping getaway stop Wegmans.   Get to Weggy's and check it out, it'll blow your mind!

Poll of the Week: Choke Artists

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The Resurrection of The BroCave

I know how much everyone has missed the number of annoying updates via facebook about every post that is made on here.  I need some way to get views, and now they're back.  An actual page that you can "Like" on facebook is now in the process of being made, one that won't give you an update for every post, and will instead let you look during a time of your liking.  The BroCave is coming back stronger than ever, after a short period of  neglect.  I'm hoping to add a few Bros to help out with the continuation of the blog to keep it up and running.  Prepare yourself for the new and improved BroCave.  Remember, "Once a Bro, Always a Bro."  Read on Bros...