Thursday, February 3, 2011

Get Stoked, Bros

A true Bro designed this, if you're interested in getting a free bumper sticker contact Michael Jasikoff, or stop by the booth at RIT.  Nicely done, Bro.

Are You Kidding Me Bro?

Screw numbers, screw statistics.  Everyone, we have the city of Buffalo to answer the question if we are still in a recession or not.  The answer is yes, absolutely.  A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine had his 1998 Plymouth Breeze stolen from his apartment's driveway.  Not until the next morning when he was headed out for work, did he realize his baby was gone. 

See my friend is on record for saying that his street goes as follows; "apartment, crackhouse, bar."  So maybe it's not too outrageous that his car was stolen.  I guess this is what happens when there's a bunch of drunk cokeheads running around Buffalo.  So he went through all the paper work, waiting, etc.  Finally, yesterday he was called up by the cops, and headed down to the impound, where the cool breeze was sitting, ignition torn out onto the floor, with 7 parking tickets. 

Are you kidding me Bro?  First, you steal the car, by no means the most flashy car which was actually smart in a way.  But then you have to rip the ignition out?  I don't even understand what the point of that is.  Go from point A, to point B, sell it, return it, or blow it up.  Seriously, this is the lamest way to ruin a car.  If you're going to pull a Grand Theft Auto, do it right.  Blow that shit up B-lo.  Now my Bro is stuck paying money for having his car stolen.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Brocial Network

The Social Network, probably the second best movie last year behind Inception.  Just think of how successful The Brocial Network would be if it hit theatres.  Maybe there will be a spoof movie just like Meet The Spartans, or Scary Movie.  A Bro can only dream.  Whether it makes it or not, this parody movie trailer is absolutely spot on.  Watch the real trailer, then this.  The only people disliking this vid is Bro-Haters.  Over 120,000 views in one day, and counting.  Congratulations to the Bros who put this masterpiece together.  The BroCave is proud to support The Brocial Network.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bro Tunes: TJ Fredette Edition

Alright, after Jimmer Fredette was finally noticed as a consistent lights-out scorer in college basketball, his brother's song has been taking off.  So this song isn't quite "Amazing", but you've gotta give the Bro props.  How many Morman's do you know that can rap like that?  Chances are zero, and chances are that's because you don't know any Mormans.  It's a pretty sweet tune dedicated to Bro love, so it was a must add for The BroCave.  Not to mention that Jimmer Fredette, a native of Glens Falls, NY, is absolutely dirty.  I definitely have worse songs on my iPod.  Add it.

Bro of the Week: Wild-Thing

...You make every porn star sing.  Bree Olson, Capri Anderson, Kacey Jordan, and the list goes on.  Bro makes $1.8 million for each Two and a Half Men episode he shoots. So why is everybody making a big deal about him spending $26 thousand in one day on prostitutes? Who cares that he paid pornstar Kacey Jordan $30 thousand for one night?  Well apparently it was the suitcase of cocaine that's a big deal.  I myself am not a sniffer, would never do coke or any hard drugs for that matter, but hey, you only live once.  This guy has more fun in one weekend then I will my entire life.  Now, welcome to rehab.  There's no pounding pornstars and full glasses of straight vodka in recovery.

Apparently he's destined to be the next Hef?  A 27 room mansion, Bentley for each girl, Hef is running on straight Viagra right now.  It's about time for someone to step up to the plate.  If he successfully overcomes his insane party binges, you're looking at the new Hugh Hefner. 

By the way, she definitely blew him in the theatre.  Next weekend is dedicated to Sheen, if he can't party, The BroCave will for him.  Here's to the next Playboy King Charlie Sheen, the Bro of the Week.