Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The 2010 Turkey Day Pick 'Em

[caption id="attachment_243" align="aligncenter" width="308" caption="The Galloping Gobbler Trophy"][/caption]

New England Patriots   New England Patriots -7   @ +7   Detroit Lions   Detroit Lions

The Pats are finally starting to get everything together after a slow past couple of weeks.  The Brady to Welker connection hasn't yet reached the level of productivity that it had the past 2 years, and it may never reach that level again without Randy Moss.  But, with the long-awaited addition of a running game to the offense, the undersized white boys (Welker and Woodhead) will have no problem leading the Patriots to a victory by more than 7 points.  The Patriots are better than the Lions in every overall aspect of the game.

Pick - New England Patriots  -7

New Orleans Saints   New Orleans Saints -4   @ +4   Dallas Cowboys   Dallas Cowboys

So the "Boys have been hitting hard the past few weeks, impressively winning both games under interim Head Coach Jason Garrett.  In Cowboys history, only two new head coaches have ever started their journey 2-0.  This will mark the end of both Garrett's and Kitna's recent luck.  The reigning champs don't look anywhere near as powerful as they did last year, but the return of Reggie Bush should provide an additional spark to the Saints already loaded offense.

Pick - New Orleans Saints  -4

Cincinnati Bengals   Cincinnati Bengals +9   @ -9   New York Jets   New York Jets

I can't say enough about how clutch the Jets offense has been in the waning seconds of close games.  All this talk between Terrell Owens and Darrelle Revis is the same thing that got Chad Ochocinco absolutely owned last year in the playoffs.  The last time these teams met last year, Ochocinco claimed that if Revis shut him out from getting a touchdown, he would change his legal last name back to Johnson.  That still hasn't happened and Ochocinco was held to 2 receptions for 28 yards.  Notice that Ochocinco hasn't said a word this entire week, probably thrilled that he has Cromartie on him.  Revis just started to look like his old self last week by containing Andre Johnson to just 4 catches for 32 yards.  This week he will rise to the occasion just like he did last year in the playoffs, and this time to shut TO down.  The Jets will win, but I'm not convinced that they will score enough points to win by more than 9 points.  It may even come down to the final seconds of the game again for Dirty Sanchez to put the jungle cats away.

Pick - Cincinnati Bengals +9

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So Easy a CaveBro Can do it: Miley Cyrus

The countdown is over, and Miley Cyrus is 18!  I'm a guy that likes to keep my odds in a realistic perspective, so I can honestly say that I'd never have a chance with her.  However I do know that the odds are good that some long-awaited pics will be released sooner than later.  She already tried to stretch those limits when she was underage a few times, and I respect her because of that.  Miley knows the bros want to see some skin, and she's clearly trying her hardest to be as slutty as possible.  Not to mention that "Party in the USA" is a sick jam. 

Even though this new guy named Avan Jogia looks like a big bag of douche,  I'm not worried.  The long awaited pics are only weeks away now.  Congratulations Miley, you've won the well deserved "So Easy a CaveBro Can do it" award of the week. 

Nude Pics:  Over/Under  -  1 month

Monday, November 22, 2010

Bro of the Week: Mark Sanchez

The New York Jets should have lost their last 5 games, but insteadthey are 4-1 in their past 5 games.  Say what you want about the Jets D, but it just isn't there like it was last year.  I've noticed first hand by having them on two fantasy football teams that they really aren't the same.  Now the defense only barely keeps the team in the game, and last year it was the sole reason the Jets made the playoffs. 

Is Mark Sanchez the next Bro Namath?  Honestly he'll probably be better, and it's sad that he's known as the Jets greatest quarterback.  Namath's numbers were terrible throwing nearly 50 more picks than touchdowns in his career, and finishing with a 50% completion percentage. 

Mark Sanchez is the reason the Jets are winning games, leading 5 game winning drives at the end of games this year already.  So as much as it pains me to declare a New York Jet Bro of the week, it has to be done.  Congrats to mark Sanchez on earning the Bro of the Week.  Eat shit next week.

Are You Kidding Me Bro?

This here is my Bro Brian.  Thankfully this isn't actually his hat,  and we actually aren't really sure who the hat belongs to.  But we are tired of seeing this trash lying around in our room.  So if the owner of this piece of shit happens to see this, please come take it away immediately.  Now thinking on a larger level, American Eagle... What are you doing?  You used to be the shit I wanted because I hated those Abercrombie pricks and you were relatively affordable.  Now this?  This is the winter gear you're trying to sell me?  Brian actually put this on my head when I wasn't paying attention and I thought it was a dead cat.  Who wants to buy a dead cat for $30 or let alone anything.  I hate cats, dead or alive.  So AE, its time to pull your shit together, NOW.

P.S. - Thanks to Brian for trying striking a pose in this piece of shit for The BroCave. I can't imagine being half as excited as him to have that thing on my head.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


If you have the world's greatest pleasure of being a Bills fan, than you often get to hear Gus Johnson most Sundays as he tries to make the games sound exciting.  If not, you probably don't hear Gus until March Madness rolls around in college basketball.  Either way I know its something that I'm not looking forward to hearing.  I don't know if its right to say it, but the guy may be the whitest black man on earth,  not to mention the fact that he looks like a turtle. And what the hell is with the attire in this pic?  Now he's just trying way too hard to represent.  Gangsta Gus, as far from a bro as they come, provides us with one of his latest contributions to the sports broadcasting world.  Props to the creator of this video.  Rise and Fire!