Friday, May 27, 2011

Bro Tunes: Millz

In this edition of Bro Tunes, we have Shamar Dozier, aka Millz. This PA young gun began rapping for kicks before the beginning of his Junior year of high school, and now at the age of only 17, he's beginning to take it seriously. Millz pumps out as many as 5 songs per day, using his own equipment (laptop and mic), and will finally be getting into a professional studio this summer.

Meanwhile, he's fresh off a release of his most recent mixtape, "Chapter 4: Highschool Sweetheart", which was released yesterday. Check his beats on YouTube or HotNewHipHop, and support Millz with a Like on Facebook. Coming soon to an iPod near you: Millz.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Josh Elliot: The Ultimate Bro Traitor

Former "SportsCenter" anchor, Josh Elliot, left ESPN this month to be the new host of ABC's, "Good Morning America". Elliot joined ESPN in 2004 as a guest panelist for "Around the Horn" and "Jim Rome is Burning". Making his mark on sports fans around the nation, Elliot quickly became the morning co-host of the number one watched show, "SportsCenter" just four years later. ESPN bids Josh a nice farewell and good fortune at his new job.

Josh Elliot what the hell is wrong with you?! You had the greatest job in the world and threw it away for what? Sipping morning coffee with the girls, discussing your monthly cycles? I'm ashamed. Your job consisted of delivering sports to the world with some of the hottest middle aged co-anchors (Hannah Storm) and hanging out with everyone's favorite athletes. People would have killed to be you, but that's all gone now. I hope Sam Champion and the gang welcomed you with open arms because you will never be welcomed back into the sports world. I almost looked up to you bro, almost.

Josh I wish I could bid you farewell but instead I just have to shake my head and wonder why. Why give up every sports fans dream? If Good Morning America is really all you've ever wanted then I feel sorry for you and your family. The ridicule your children must be receiving in school has to be off the charts. While you've baffled me, I'm sure stay at home moms around the nation are cheering for you. You had it all, Ultimate Bro-traitor.


Thank You, Gracias, Merci!

The BroCave has now officially been viewed each country in North America multiple times, including being viewed in each state of the USA multiple times, and has spanned widely across South America and Europe.  Thank you for the continued support to anyone who has read once in a while, all the time, or doubted The BroCave right from the beginning. 

But it doesn't stop here.  Up until a week ago, The BroCave has been a one man show, designed, operated, and written by myself.  I now welcome Cody Carbone (Broverload) to the scene, and have 3 more potential writers interested in contributing.  The sky is the limit.  If you have any interest in contributing, please don't hesitate to contact The BroCave at with some sample material, and don't forget to submit tips that will make our jobs easier.  Who knows, you could be a part of something special.  Thanks again Bros, keep on reading on.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beadle Vs. Andrews, Who Ya Got?

 First, let's talk looks...

If you watch a considerable amount of ESPN, then you get your fair share of Michelle Beadle.  Especially with the free time in college, I could watch the same SportsNation a few times in one day.  With that said, Beadle is starting to look old, and I feel like I don't see enough of Erin Andrews.  There's no doubt the 35 year old's body still has some talent left. 

By not slipping a peek at the infamous Erin Andrews reverse peephole video, you aren't really missing much (but come on, you've gotta watch it).  There's no doubt the body is there, but the details aren't, and I'm not yet desperate enough to dissect it for some.  With or without the details, EA, the 2007 and 2008 award winner for Playboy's Sexiest Sportscaster, takes the prize.  Not only is Andrews proven (shown by her bikini pics), but Nobody gets bitched out when she comes on air.

Leading to the next topic, TV skills...

Michelle Beadle and Colin Cowherd are teamed up for ESPN's SportsNation.  In this case, Cowherd actually hurts Beadle.  I don't usually mind listening to Cowherd, but often he makes an analysis that any typical sports fan that has never played a sport in their life would make, a stupid one.  Maybe that gives Beadle some justification for the attitude on air, I'll accept it.  Cowherd's questionable views leave the door wide open for Beadle most of the time, but rarely do I see her killing it, she gets the job done, but without style points, or a challenge.  I can't say much about her days working as the New Jersey Nets sideline reporter, who honestly watches Nets games on the YES Network anyway?  Plus, Beadle is a Jets fan, not helping her case.

Even while she was in school at Florida University, Erin Andrews was in the spotlight as a 3-year member of the Gators basketball dance team.  Not a bad start.  Since joining the broadcasting scene in 2000, EA has reported for nearly every sport including, hockey, different levels of football and baseball, and even the Outdoor Games.  She matches the knowledge Beadle about the wide world of sports, making for a tight race.  She currently hosts College Gameday, and acts as a Good Morning America correspondent, beating out Beadle in the TV credentials category.  Plus, she's not a Jets fan, any other team is better.  Andrews wins the edge again.

The Outcome...

Big Bad Beadle puts up a killer fight in this heavyweight faceoff.  Yes, Beadle's rebellious affair with ESPN's NHL analyst Matthew Barnaby (who is in the midst of a divorce and assault charge) sparks some interest, and might point to her as being the more exciting option.  But in the end, EA takes the crown as the safe, sexy sports broadcaster, banging out the win Every. Damn. Time.  But then again, Beadle does bite the hell out of that hot dog...

What do you think Bros?  Vote 1 Star for Beadle, Vote 5 Stars for E-Andrews.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ray Lewis Claims Crime Will Rise if Lockout Continues...Didn't He Murder Someone?

In a "candid" interview with ESPN's Sal Paolantonio, Ray Lewis made a claim that crime will rise if there is no NFL season in 2011. He stated that, "people live through how much evil, crime will rise up if you take away our game".

Uh What? I hope I was not the only bro holding back tears of laughter after hearing this come out of Ray Ray's mouth. Yup, you're right Ray. Since there is no NFL this year I think I may go out an rob a few banks, maybe even sell a little dope. No wait that's way to miniscule, maybe I'll just be accused of murder like you, since I live through you and all! Forget school, forget work, there's no football so what better to do then become a criminal!?

Just because you're a self centered maniac does not mean the rest of us are. Yeah, we all love football Ray, but I am not about to go pull a hit an run because the NFL's in a labor dispute. Ray Lewis, if you want people to really live through you, maybe you should just keep your mouth shut. Oh, and holding back on the murder chargers couldn't hurt.