Thursday, May 26, 2011

Josh Elliot: The Ultimate Bro Traitor

Former "SportsCenter" anchor, Josh Elliot, left ESPN this month to be the new host of ABC's, "Good Morning America". Elliot joined ESPN in 2004 as a guest panelist for "Around the Horn" and "Jim Rome is Burning". Making his mark on sports fans around the nation, Elliot quickly became the morning co-host of the number one watched show, "SportsCenter" just four years later. ESPN bids Josh a nice farewell and good fortune at his new job.

Josh Elliot what the hell is wrong with you?! You had the greatest job in the world and threw it away for what? Sipping morning coffee with the girls, discussing your monthly cycles? I'm ashamed. Your job consisted of delivering sports to the world with some of the hottest middle aged co-anchors (Hannah Storm) and hanging out with everyone's favorite athletes. People would have killed to be you, but that's all gone now. I hope Sam Champion and the gang welcomed you with open arms because you will never be welcomed back into the sports world. I almost looked up to you bro, almost.

Josh I wish I could bid you farewell but instead I just have to shake my head and wonder why. Why give up every sports fans dream? If Good Morning America is really all you've ever wanted then I feel sorry for you and your family. The ridicule your children must be receiving in school has to be off the charts. While you've baffled me, I'm sure stay at home moms around the nation are cheering for you. You had it all, Ultimate Bro-traitor.


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