Friday, July 1, 2011

The Top 10 Classic Seinfeld Scenes

With so many classic scenes to choose from, it wasn't easy, and I needed some help.  But without further hesitation, here are the top 10 Seinfeld scenes of all time.  It's a Festivus miracle!

1.)           The Contest - Who is master of his (and her) domain?

2.)           Soup Nazi - No soup for you!!!

3.)           The Junior Mint - "They’re very refreshing!"

4.)           The Hamptons - Shrinkage, need I say more?

5.)           The Marine Biologist - George finds himself caught in a lie, on top of a whale. The self-proclaimed Marine Biologist saves the whale from a Titleist.

6.)           Muffin Tops - “Top of the Muffin to You!” Everyone, even the homeless shelter, is offended by the offering of muffin stumps. Alongside a glass of milk, Newman is the hero.

7.)           The Alternate Side - “These Pretzels, are making me thirsty!”

8.)           The Bro - A BroCave classic! “A Bra is for ladies, meet ‘The Bro’.”

9.)           The Face Painter - Puddy paints his face in support for the New Jersey Devils. “El Diablo!”

10.)     The Jimmy - Famous musician Mel Tormé dedicates his standby song When You're Smiling, to a joyous slurring Kramer at a benefit for the Able Mentally Challenged Adults (AMCA).

Monday, June 27, 2011

Are You Kidding Me Bro?

This is "that guy", the living autograph.  He arrives so drunk that he may or may not knock the final pong cup off the table, losing his team the game.  Actually there's no doubt, that is what happens, it did happen.  But you know what, Goldilocks had a solid night, look at that smile next to the sharpie penis on his face, shooting into his mouth.  Classic. 

Meanwhile, his hombre was taking 40 drinks to the face.  Truth, 1.5 liters of no-name rum devoured by a one man army.  That's pretty irrelevant but it deserved a mention, especially since frank the tank freaked out exorcist/Blair witch style at 4:30 am.

Anywho, only a Bro would go this hard, and I couldn't help giving him the honor of The BroCave post.  Props to the one they call "Milldew" for letting go, and landing a solid drunk smack to the face on his best friend, that will teach him to... not draw on you?  Give this guy the keys!