Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bro of the Week: Wild-Thing

...You make every porn star sing.  Bree Olson, Capri Anderson, Kacey Jordan, and the list goes on.  Bro makes $1.8 million for each Two and a Half Men episode he shoots. So why is everybody making a big deal about him spending $26 thousand in one day on prostitutes? Who cares that he paid pornstar Kacey Jordan $30 thousand for one night?  Well apparently it was the suitcase of cocaine that's a big deal.  I myself am not a sniffer, would never do coke or any hard drugs for that matter, but hey, you only live once.  This guy has more fun in one weekend then I will my entire life.  Now, welcome to rehab.  There's no pounding pornstars and full glasses of straight vodka in recovery.

Apparently he's destined to be the next Hef?  A 27 room mansion, Bentley for each girl, Hef is running on straight Viagra right now.  It's about time for someone to step up to the plate.  If he successfully overcomes his insane party binges, you're looking at the new Hugh Hefner. 

By the way, she definitely blew him in the theatre.  Next weekend is dedicated to Sheen, if he can't party, The BroCave will for him.  Here's to the next Playboy King Charlie Sheen, the Bro of the Week.

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