Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Christmas Story or The Celtics?


Every year my family has Christmas at my Grandparent's house.  Usually before and after we eat, there will be a bit of a scrum for power over the television.  I understand that it is Christmas, I can respect that, but "A Christmas Story" may be the most over-played movie every year even though its only played during one week each year.  It's a classic, yes, but we've all seen it... "I want a BB gun", "no", "his tongue is stuck to a pole", "we have a flat tire", "FUCK", "wash his mouth out with soap", "I want a BB gun", "I got a BB gun", "I shot my eye out", "the meal is burnt", "let's go eat chinese".  Yep, there you go.  Plus, who wouldn't rather watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation over "A Christmas Story"?  Chevy Chase is watchable year round, not just Christmas. 

Now, my Boston Celtics are on a 14 games winning streak, looking for 15 against the in-conference rival Orlando Magic.  This is certainly a game I can watch the highlights for on SportsCenter, but that's not acceptable.  You could've watched "A Christmas Story" all week, and if you didn't that's too bad.  You can't always get what you want, unless you take it for yourself.  Those remotes have Brobama written all over them.  Don't be afraid to take control Bros, take back what is yours, the television.

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