Friday, December 24, 2010

More Proof That Cats Suck.

Malibu Times - A dog that fell into a two-foot-wide and 60-foot-deep hole was rescued by firefighters Tuesday. The dog, a French bulldog named Rocky, fell into a septic drill hole while walking with his owner, Victor, around 9 a.m. They were walking in Malibu up Corral Canyon.

"There were boards across the hole, but they were rotting, so when he walked across them he fell in," said Barbara Calandra, the owner's mother. "There was water in the bottom of the hole because of the rain, and it was just enough that he could keep his head above water."

When firefighters responded, they used a laundry basket with lunchmeat inside it to get Rocky to climb in. After about 45 minutes, Rocky made it back to the surface without any injuries.

The next day, when Rocky returned to the same path on his walk, he refused to go anywhere near the 60-foot-deep hole, Barbara Calandra said.


Tell me, if this was a cat in a two foot wide, 60 foot deep hole, would firefighters have made the effort to retrieve the cat?  Probably not.  They would fill the hole with water to see if it floats.  First of all, the cat would have most likely managed to drown in the water at the bottom of the septic drill hole from the rain.  Besides me hating cats for their shedding and surprise claws, they're idiots.   Even if there was catnip inside the laundry basket the cat would either already have been dead or would just rub against the basket and tease the firefighters.  The next day, Rocky even stayed far away from that hole, remembering the prior day's event.  Guaranteed that your average, stupid cat would find its way back into that same hole the next day.  Dogs 4 Life Bros.

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