Friday, December 31, 2010

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, & Good Night


To be honest, I thought the Connecticut Huskies were going to win out and continue the streak into next year.  I guess that shows me how much I know about Women's College Basketball. 

After 90 games, the UCONN winning streak has finally been ended by the Cardinal of Stanford.  I also learned that the streak wasn't actually the longest in Division I NCAA sports as the Penn State Women's Volleyball team won 109 consecutive games.  So the UCONN Women's basketball team did not in fact have the longest winning streak in Division I history, which is claimed by the Nittany Lions. 

So i guess this means UCONN owns the longest Women's basketball streak.  Clearly its quite an honor in a sport with so many tight games, and the spotlight always shining on women's sports.  Any publicity the Huskies had is now nonexistent.

At least this means the ESPN network can take UCONN off ESPN 2 and maybe play a flashbacks of old college football games, which is guaranteed to generate more excitement and a larger viewing audience than any 5 women's basketball games.

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