Sunday, December 26, 2010

So Easy a CaveBro Can do it: Paris Hilton

Yep Bros, it's that time again.  Apparently Paris Hilton has been feeling a little left out of the celebrity gossip lately, and is on the verge of another sex tape being released.  The tape that is allegedly a recording of Paris, and now ex-boyfriend Doug Reinhardt is being shopped to a number of pornography outlets for roughly 1.4 million dollars.  I feel that the first tape had a ton of people excited with anticipation, and this sequel to it is almost falling under the radar.  Keep in mind Paris is still at the peak of her prime Bros.  At a spritely 29, she is still easy on the eyes.  While nothing is official yet, The BroCave will be sure to keep you posted on the status of Paris Hilton's next alleged production.  For the simple reason that she can't seem to keep her goods hidden between her legs, she has earned the "So Easy a CaveBro Can do it" award.

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