Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bro Tunes: Mike Stud Edition

So I'm crusing the laptop, in a stall, looking for the next edition of Bro Tunes and BOOM, Mike Stud.  This bro is spitting straight fire.  I'm wondering, how haven't I heard him yet?  But the real question is, how haven't you heard him yet?

Thanks to the internet & Mike Stud, I'm sharing a pair of songs with you in this post, only the first two songs of his that I've listened to.  It's just that good.  There are so many things that I like about Stud's tunage; the beats, rhymes, references, you name it.  The best thing is, he isn't your everyday college musician pushing the hell out of his music, the All-American Duke baseball player, and Georgetown grad student lets the music speak for itself. 

Check out Mike Stud, "The Smarter Type of Fresh" at his soundcloud page, Youtube, and MikeStudMusic.com

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