Thursday, March 3, 2011

Final Episode of The Office Leaked?

In honor of this being a Thursday, also known as the day that The Office is on NBC at 9 PM, The BroCave brings you a special find.  Lesson; do not piss off John Krasinski.  Fellow blogger Jason Brandonman, a disgruntled former employee of The Office who claims he was fired for a "smoothie incident" with Krasinski has posted a copy of the what is said to be the actual script of Michael Scott's final episode.  Initially I swore to myself as a true fan of The Office, that I would not cheat by reading the script before the episode was aired, but I couldn't resist the urge. 

If you follow the show religiously, you know that it isn't any surprise when insanity ensues on the show, which is what makes the show great, and that's why it has already been on television for 7 seasons.  The leaked script was surprising in many ways, but I'm actually proud to say I called it for one part of the story, which I won't specifically talk about on here just in case you choose not to read it.  But this is probably the most obnoxious episode ever.

More and more often it seems like The Office has just been stalling with senseless episodes that don't really connect with each other, but there is one aspect of the story that does connect, the Holly-Michael relationship.  I know I'm teasing, but if you have better self discipline than I do, you won't read the potential script.  However, if you do decide to read it, I guarantee your mind will be blown.  Expect the unexpected.

Even after reading it multiple times, I'm still not sure if the script is real of fake, but either way it is VERY entertaining. You'll see from the comments left by readers on Brandonman's blog post that there are reasons to question the authenticity.  Waiting for the final episode of the season will prove to be the only true answer to whether the script is authentic or not.  With NBC seeming to stall by playing repeat episodes instead of new ones, the answer may come later rather than sooner.  Let's just hope there are more seasons to come, with or without Michael Scott as branch manager.

Thanks to Bill from Strong Island for the tip.

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