Sunday, January 23, 2011

One Sexy Conference Championship Round

3:00 PM
Green Bay Packers     Vs.     Chicago Bears
   Green Bay Packers               Chicago Bears          

There's been a bunch of talk regarding the condition of soldier field, and how the weather will affect the game.  Here's some news, the Green Bay Packers are playing on the same field as the Bears are on Sunday, not only that but Aaron Rodgers thrives in cold weather situations. 

In cold weather situations, Aaron Rodgers has a 101.5 passer rating in 8 cold-weather situation games, that's before the Wall Street Journal ran an article with 2 weeks remaining in the regular season.  Facing a Giants defense? No problem.  Rodgers was 25-37 for 404 yards and 4 touchdowns.  In his previous game against the Bears, Rodgers threw 19-28 for 229 yards, one touchdown, and one pick, still an 89.7 QB rating.  Next comes the Wild Card game, Rodgers rises to the occasion. 

Jay Cutler on the other hand is Jay Cutler.  One game he'll look like a starting Pro Bowl quarterback, the next he looks like Rob Johnson, cannon arm making terrible decisions.  In his last game facing the Packers in Chicago, week 17, Cutler threw nearly 50%, and 2 interceptions.  Cutler is to risky to rely upon.

Both defenses are amazing, negate each other, so who has the best offense?  The Green Bay Packers.  Who's quarterback consistently rises to the occasion?  The Green Bay Packers.  The Cheeseheads will win this game and cover the spread, but not by much.  The Pack advance to the Super Bowl while covering the spread, 24-17.

Green Bay Packers -3.5

6:30 PM
New York Jets     Vs.     Pittsburgh Steelers
     New York Jets               Pittsburgh Steelers

At the beginning of the season, and throughout the season until now, I didn't think the Jets had it in them to get this far, particularly Mark Sanchez.  There weren't really any questions about the defense which had almost all returners from last year, it was all about the offense.  With an extra year under his belt, Mark's play is noticeably different.  Regrettably, almost all Jet fans are still douchebags.

The past two years, Thomas Jones carried the Jet offense proving to be dangerous as a back on the ground, and out of the backfield as a receiver.  That same offense is not long gone, but it's deep in a transition period.  Instead of it being just Thomas Jones, the load is now split between LaDainian Tomlinson and Shonn Greene.  Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer is finally beginning to allow quarterback Mark Sanchez more room to grow.  This is the biggest difference in this Jets team compared to last year's team.  If the Jets make it past the Steelers, it will be because of Mark Sanchez. 

Each defense is on the top of their game right now, you know Rex Ryan is going to get his guys fired up.  As fired up as last weekend at New Enlgand?  I think not.  Although I do still think Rapelisberger has the upper hand on Sanchez overall as a quarterback, I'm going to say the Sanchise rises to the occasion like he has all year.  The Jets also have Santonio Holmes returning to Pittsburgh this week look for a big win against his former team.  He has already become Sanchez's go-to target.  Look for this connection to be the deciding factor in the game.  However, if the game comes down to a field goal by Nick Folk from 40 or more yards, the Jets will lose.  He deserves to be a NFL kicker and much as Matt Dodge deserves to be a NFL punter.  I pick the Jets to win this game 24-21 (hopefully me picking them to win for once will mean they lose). 

New York Jets -4

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