Saturday, January 29, 2011

This Week in BroLinks - 1/29/2011

COED Magazine - January 24th was Beer Can Appreciation day.  Here's a bunch of creative tributes to the
suds we all love.

BarstoolU - Probably anyone's favorite professor here at SUNY Cortland in the Sport Management department, until the news broke.  Apparently his efforts were good enough to get him onto BarstoolU's "Professor or Pedophile".  In the red polo, I present Dan DiPerno...

Guyism - Fucking Islanders.  Never have I been more scared to ride in a car than when I'm riding with a Long Islander.  Of course they'll obviously be the first to defend themselves here, but the truth is, as much as they deny it, is that Long Islanders/City-goers are 1000x more aggressive than people in the rest of the state of New York.  Social status was the cause of the entire debacle, big surprise.

COED Magazine - By an author from Ithaca College.  Like IC, Cortland, etc, it's vital to know how to get laid at a house party.  A practical and well written post.  5 rules to help a Bro out.

Deadspin - A number of stories about having sex in hot, shitty port-a-potties.  Would/could you do it?  Can anyone make it past the concealed reek of pure shit and sweat?  A tall task for any Bro.

BroBible - For your next trip to the Big Apple, here's some tips/random facts about the prostitutes.  A Bro in need is a friend indeed.

Barstool NY - Possibly the most publicity that the Lopez show has gotten to this point.  It's literally fucking terrible.  But Brian Wilson is a must-see character any time he makes a public appearance.  Crazy.

Bossip - Sexiest Bro alive? Not with a frowning stomach.

Screen Junkies - Think Sarah Palin is good jack-off material?  You and Tracy Morgan have something in common.  One of the biggest idiots that calls himself a "comedian" gives his input on "Tina Fey or Sarah Plain" on Inside the NBA on TNT.

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