Friday, January 21, 2011

This Week in BroLinks - 1/21/2011

It's time for another look into the most entertaining posts in the blogging world this week.  Here are your BroLinks of this week...

Screen Junkies - Beautiful.  Simply a masterpiece.

Deadspin - Hmmm, interesting.  Well if this doesn't explain to everyone why Sexy Rexy hasn't been talking shit this week, I don't know what does.  Maybe because he's trying to play head games with Tomlin and he's playing them right back?  But anyway, oh yea, not only is Roethlisberger a rapist, but Mark Sanchez is too!  "It's amazing what some good genes and a nice set of dimples can do for your rep." - Emma Carmichael

Guyism - In honor of one of my best friends, Brian.  Every one of these 7 signs that point to you officially being a stoner applies.  Congrats Bro.
Asylum - I can understand if you aren't a fan of Ghostbusters, there's obviously plenty of people that have no sense of humor, or would rather watch "Mean Girls", but that's not me.  Ghostbusters is the shit, and I can't wait for the 3rd movie.  I just don't love this movie I grew up with as much as these people...

COED Magazine - How fucking perfect is this?  Just 2 days ago I was reminded of a girl I know, part Arabic, who got a tat on her pack in Arabic.  Apparently she found out it said the wrong thing after it was done, I then of course proceeded to post "hahahahaha" on this girl's status.  She then proceeded to delete me as a friend, and after 2 years, I'm still deleted.  But, it had to be done, check out these zodiac tattoo fails.

Gawker - Way to suck Bro.

BarstoolU - Yes, that douchebag who posts non-stop music is very fucking annoying, but this game is genius.  Props to Stool for creating "Smokesmash".

The Chive - Insanity.  This is what I'm going for in my profile pic.  2 giant Domincans = 1 giant Cuban?

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