Wednesday, January 19, 2011

BroFacts: Lyndon B. Johnson

Big Johnson. There's a bar in my area called "Big Johnson's, Johnson is also a term used for a dick in movies like Austin Powers.  So where did it originate?  Former United States President Lyndon B. Johnson was fond of showing it off in private meetings, proud of what was his.  He actually nicknamed his piece "Jumbo".  If there's one thing that LBJ accomplished during his time in office, it's giving the world a new nickname for a dick, the "Johnson".  Nobel Peace Prize worthy if I don't say so myself...

“In his recent biography of Lyndon Johnson, Flawed Giant, Robert Dallek writes that during a private conversation with some reporters who pressed him to explain why we were in Vietnam, Johnson lost his patience. According to Arthur Goldberg, LBJ unzipped his fly, drew out his substantial organ and declared, 'This is why!'"

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