Monday, January 17, 2011

Attention Jets Fans: Free Foot Fucks for Everyone!

The New York Jets win.  Obviously I've shared that I'm not a fan of these assholes, especially this fat fuck named Rex Ryan, but as much as it pains me to say this, you have to give credit where credit is due.  The Jets simply deserved to win that game.

First of all, another great year by the New England Patriots, not even the most pompus Jets fan can deny the 14-2 season a a good one.  But in the end when it matter, the Pats faltered.  Ii honestly don't think that the different defensive schemes confused Brady, I just think that he didn't come to play, and if anyone was confused, the receivers were.  For most of the game, the quarterback's throw to his receivers made it look like they were all out of sync.  The only excuse that I can think of is that the 2 week break from live football affected New England's play.  Who knows.

Everyone knew the Patriots defense was terrible going into this game, but I among other people thought they would step up.  To make matters worse for the Patriots, the Jets offense was superb.  Dirty Sanchez did everything that could be asked of him and more by not forcing throws, and locating passes where only his receiver's could catch them.  His 127.3 passer rating trumped Tom Brady's by 28.3 points, in 20 less throws than Brady.  The Jets Offense exposed all the defensive holes that the Patriots have to fill in the offseason as not only the passing game excelled, but also the 1-2 punch of LaDainian Tomlinson and Shonn Greene also added balance, totaling an average of 4.4 yards per carry between the two backs.

What won the Jets the though, was the defense.  After a let down regular season following last year's dominance on D, the Jets seem to have finally caught their stride when it counts.  In the last 2 games, the Jets defense has confused and disrupted the two best quarterbacks in the NFL.  If the two best quarterbacks in the league can't beat the Jets, who can?

The saying is "Defense wins Championships", maybe, just maybe the Jets can march through New York with the Super Bowl trophy.  Moving forward, the Jets face the Steelers next week, who they already beat earlier this year.  Though it is said that games are different in the postseason and anything can happen, the path does go through a very good Pittsburgh team.  Not to mention that of all 4 remaining teams, the Jets defense ranks behind the 3 others.  The Jets haven't won shit yet.  To think that all of this started at SUNY Cortland...

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