Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bro Tunes: Andy Grammer Edition

So this really isn't a new artist for me, one of my good friends played it for me over a month ago, but figured he was worth sharing.  Meet Andy Grammer, whos lone hit song on iTunes is called "Keep Your Head Up".  It's kind of an inspiring song that's guaranteed to brighten your mood.  In addition, you'll be surprised to see that Rainn Wilson, star of The Office, was a component in the making of the music video.  I wasn't sure if I was a big fan of this song at first, but after listening a few more times it really stuck in my head, and now is near the top of my recently played songs on my iPod. 

Also, if you take the time to look into Grammer a little bit more you'll find he has an array of songs on Youtube such as "The Pocket".  His music is honest, catchy, and has a bit of a Maroon 5 feel to it.  "Keep Your Head Up" is just the first big release by Andy Grammer, and it wouldn't surprise me if he became a household name soon.  He's a bit more well known than the last featured Bro Tune, Demps, and a completely different genre. 

But, The BroCave is aiming for diversity.  If you missed last week's edition of Bro Tunes, make sure to check out Demps' new single on iTunes called "I Got It", and mixtape on DatPiff.   Keep you heads up, and enjoy the music Bros.

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