Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Head Games Continue...

Rotoworld - Fox Sports' Jay Glazer presented a video on Fox NFL Sunday that showed the Patriots appearing to setup a Sal Alosi type wall in their first meeting with the Jets this season.  The Jets claimed at the time of Alosi fiasco that the Patriots were guilty of the same crime, but did not have the video evidence to prove it. Glazer has now done that for them, but it's obviously too late for the NFL to reduce the $100,000 fine it imposed on New York last month. It's unclear what action, if any, the league will take on the Patriots.

Can the Jets please just lose so I can stop hearing all this shit, or are they going to specifically go out of their way to find some more things the Patriots did that are illegal? Another attempt to get in the Patriots heads right before the game?  I think so.  If you can't when with skill and smarts, I guess you have to resort to the mental game.  There's no way Alosi should've been fined 100 grand and fired, dude got screwed, it's not like he's a player that makes millions of dollars. 

The Jets organization gets an A for being a snitch through.   The concept of the "wall" was stolen from the Patriots because you weren't swift enough to think of it yourself, then you report the Pats as the reason that Alosi setup the wall and tripped a player.  Way to take responsibility.  Are the Jets really that jealous of the Patriots success that they had to rat them out.  Would the Jets have ratted the Patriots out if the Jets weren't caught in the act? The answer is no.  The Patriots tripped no one, Sal Alosi of the Jets did.  Just another reason to root against the Jets today.  Looks like the New York Post had the role of the Rats wrong on the back page.  Rexterminator?  Pretty fuckin' creative post...

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