Monday, January 17, 2011

"They Can't Even Stop a Nosebleed!"

Bart Scott is a manimal.  Seriously hes fuckin' crazy.  Next time I'm in New York I feel that much more unsafe now.  Probably the most intense postgame interviews I've ever seen.  That's what happens when your team spends the entire post game jumping into the stands, bragging, and being as much of a dick as possible.  Whatever you do, give no credit to the Pats or anyone else.  It's not that people think that the Jets are not a good team, its the team's general asshole attitude towards everyone that has people rooting against them.  And everyone knows the Jets defense is much better than the Patriots defense, that's not even a fucking question.  The Pats defense was terrible all year.  Even though this is probably the most tense postgame interview I've ever seen, its a typical Jets, talk out of the ass scene.  Prepare for another week of shit talking.  Also, pretty sure Sal Paolantonio shit his pants right before he congratulated Scott.

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