Saturday, February 19, 2011

Is There Any Chance the Slam Dunk Contest Isn't Rigged?

So Blake Griffin is absolutely amazing to watch, and I was rooting for him just like almost everyone else to win this thing in the beginning.  It could be that I wanted him to win because he is great to watch, or the fact that I don't know who any of the other players in the dunk contest are.  But now the NBA just looks silly.

Demar DeRozan jumps farther than Dr. J jumped on his famous dunk, yet he only posts a 45 score.  JaVale McGee dunks 2 balls at once, then 3 balls at once, and still falls short of Griffin's scores. 

If Griffin doesn't reach the final round, there is no sponsorship that Kia paid for that happens.  The addition of the gospel choir is certainly different, it adds to the presentation and originality.  But then again, they don't come out on the floor if Blake Griffin doesn't advance.  What are you supposed to do with a Gospel Choir with nothing to do?  Plus, the final vote comes down to the fans. 

What fans would honestly vote for JaVale McGee over Blake Griffin as a fan? No one.  MAYBE some Wizard fans.  The NBA has failed this year, really magnifying how potentially fake it is.  This is why Men's College Basketball continues to be the most popular choice of basketball to watch.  Any chance of me watching the NBA All-Star game is now gone.


  1. Rigged contest. The fact that they had a full choir dressed up and the NBA's sponsor car ready and waiting reserved for the the final dunk in the final round proves its rigged. It takes a lot of prep work to get those things readied. How could the NBA not know for certain that he would be in the final round, let alone win it all if they already put in the prep work involving the choir and car for his finale dunk?

  2. McGee won it. i mean come onnn. and Dr J put up a 9 for a dunk by a 7 footer that smoked his dunk by a solid 1.5 feet. so stupid, griffins winner was a normal dunk mid game for him. a fuckin, kia, are you kidding me bro???? seriously, and he thought he was the shit, kenny smith litearlly was hype man of the year, get me to a concert w/ him as the hype man NOWWWW