Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bro of the Week: Mikhail Prokhorov

Some may say Brobama, "Why is Mikhail Prokhorov the Bro of the Week?" Others may say, "Who the fuck is Mikhail Prokhorov?"  He is the multi-billionaire, Russian majority owner of the New Jersey Nets by an 80% stake.

Often America is not used to his aggressive style of business, but I love it!  This guy has actually said in high profile interviews that he enjoys watching the New York Knicks suffer.  By understanding that giving up on the Carmelo Anthony chase would make it easier for the Knicks to acquire Melo, Prokhorov went out of his way to make it more difficult.  It's easy to get in a trance of the media conveying a very politically correct, friendly business atmosphere between many sports organizations internally, so it is relieving to see that someone has an edge.

Most NBA owners resemble a Johnnie Walker Blue Label on the rocks, and Mikhail Prokhorov is changing it up by hauling in the hookers & Stoli.  Prokhorov has yet to strike success in America, but he is becoming more of an innovator in controlling a professional sports franchise with every passing day.

More news has been breaking that Prokhorov insists it is a win-win situation for the Nets whether they acquire Carmelo or not, as long as it's harder on the Knickerbockers.  Now that the Knicks have officially traded for the rights of Carmelo Anthony, it's apparent that the Nets are targeting all of the players that the Knicks just traded to the Denver Nuggets in the "Melo-Drama". 

How nabbing former Knicks players from the Nuggets will help the Nets, I'm not sure, but the thought is there.  The Nets may or may not make a move before the trade deadline to acquire Danilo Gallinari or Raymond Felton, but a move will be made for someone.  It's hard to imagine that someone as successful as Mikhail Prokhorov has ever lost in his life, and he has brought that same must-win attitude to America and the NBA.  He will do whatever it takes to win.

Prokhorov got to this high point as one of Russia's leading industrialists in the precious metals sector, running Norilsk Nickel, and as chairman of Polyus Gold.   But who really cares about that?  Now he's out to screw the Knicks, he's sipping champagne with Jay-Z, and ordering prostitutes for Christmas parties.  Does life get any better for a Bro?  I say no.  The world's 39th richest man, Михаил Прохоров, is your Bro of the Week.

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