Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is This Shit Real?

The only thing running through my mind right now... ARE YOU KIDDING ME BRO!?  The company that designs this headwear is called SpiritHoods.  I took a look at the price of this hat-mitten combo bullshit, it's $129,  $129 for one men's SpiritHood.  Bros, if you're caught wearing one of these you're just way too desperate for some attention. 

Maybe if you're actually considering one of these you think, "Oh it's $129 because of the fur".  Well that isn't quite the case since each one of these is made of the "finest faux fur".  Trust me, I'm all for cutting down on the animal slaying especially for the sole purpose of getting an animal's fur, but I don't understand how this manufacturer actually expects the consumer to pay so much for fake fur.  Please don't let me see you in one of these... disgusting.

P.S. - Is this multi-colored eye guy freaking anyone else out?  No big deal, just a random shirtless dude with a pedophile-grip on some child.  I don't know what's worse, the implications of this snapshot or the "SpiritHoods".  Poor kid...

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