Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Buffalo Bills Jersey Leaked in Madden 12 Promo Video

The last time the Buffalo Bills released a new jersey design came in 2002, and to say the least, it was a disappointment.  9 years later with very little of the same management remaining, but the same losing ways, the Bills announced another uniform change that will be an attempt to re-invigorate the fans and the team.

The jerseys are still set to officially be revealed to the public in an undated upcoming fan-appreciation event.  The time has come sooner than we thought. 

According to ESPN's Tim Graham:
"The helmets will be white with the blue charging buffalo and gray facemasks. Jerseys will have broad stripes on the shoulders instead of the sleeve bottom. Pants will be blue or white, the opposite of the jersey. Blue pants will have red-between-white piping. White pants will have red-between-blue piping.
Socks will have blue-and-white striped tops, and players will have the option to wear blue or white shoes as opposed to black. Belts are believed to be gray."
Only days before the Player to be placed on the cover of Madden 12 was released, EA Sports makes a big mistake.  Below are the home and away jerseys for the new-look Buffalo Bills that were shown in a trailer for next year's game, which has since been removed from EA's website, and Youtube.  The fact that they were removed within hours, providing some proof that the jerseys are legitimate.  Luckily, the action shots of the video were captured by a writer for

With the pressure of the Bills drafting 3rd overall tomorrow, and after all the busts the past few years (Aaron Maybin, John McCargo, Mike Williams, JP Losman), I'm thoroughly impressed and relieved by the clean, classic uniforms.

What are your thoughts?

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