Monday, April 25, 2011

Church Finally Realizes How Uncool Church Has Been for 876325 years

An Old Hickory church is offering a drive-thru Good Friday service until midnight.    

North Point Community Church is set up inside a former bank building on Donelson Avenue. From midnight Thursday to midnight Friday, people can drive up to the building to drop a burden or sin at the first window. Then they can pull up to the second window and receive a blessing.

Church members said they hope this will be a bright spot in someone's busy day.

"We want people to know we care because we know Jesus," said church member Lee Fesler.

The church hopes to offer the service each year.

Even the most hardcore Jesus freaks know the feeling of waking up at 8:00 AM hungover, to get dressed up and go to church.  Like many people I know, my perfect Sunday consists of waking up at roughly 11:00 AM, showering if I feel ambitious, eating a big breakfast, and watching football until about 11:30 PM. 
See, there is no way I plan on changing that routine.  However, I probably should go to church more often, it has been years since my last time.  The choice in the past has always come down to early mornings rushing to get stuck in a room smelling of on-the-brink nursing home inhabitants and cheap perfume, OR waking up after church would be done in no hurry to do anything the remainder of the day.  But now comes a new innovation from the good people of Old Hickory, Tennessee.
This is huge.  I do not want to go to Church and pretend to sing songs that I pretend to want to sing (Somehow that makes sense).  I'd imagine that most people my age don't.  It's a lot of work to put on a show like that.  Sign me up for the church drive-thru windows.  They provide a nice time slot in the week, during the day, that I and others that know they SHOULD go to church, might be sober.  Perfect.  Now maybe they'll cash checks too?

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