Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Think Different. Vote Ritter.

"My name is Lauren Ritter. I am running for Student Trustee and I would love to represent YOU as the students' voice on Cornell's Board of Trustees.

I'm a sophomore and a student just like you. In the past two years at Cornell, I have seen how important it is that there is greater communication between students and the administration. Everyone's voice should be heard and not lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday bureaucracy. I want to give you back that voice; give you back YOUR voice. One of my first actions as trustee would be to create an online forum where students could go to discuss issues that are bothering them and where the other members on the Board would be able to see and respond to them. I want to help facilitate and establish an open dialogue between the administration and students, so that we can voice our concerns and opinions in a way that they will be heard. I also have experience working with the administration and other student groups, so I know what it takes to reach a common ground that everyone can agree on and I will continue to work hard until it is reached.

In addition, I want to fight for a students' safety on and around campus, increased support for students' emotional health and community well-being, and better housing options for all students, both graduate and undergraduate. I also think that to address important issues such as mental health on campus we must first find what is causing the problem and look into how we can fix that first. Going to Cornell is stressful enough, we don't need anything else that is distracting us or giving us grief. Vote for the platform that is centered on making Cornell safer, more efficient and more involved with the students. Don't be fooled by pie-crust promises of "transparency" or better financial-aid packages. Think Different. Vote Ritter."


Here we have a very special BroCave supporter, Cornell University Sophomore, Lauren Ritter.  As the creator and operator of The BroCave, nothing makes me happier than to know my supporters, and support them back.  But with Lauren it extends even further, and the keyword is commitment.

Other hopefuls for the Student Trustee position have created rap videos; creative yes, productive no.  As you can see from the photo, Lauren is Not Afraid to voice what needs to be heard, and It doesn't hurt that she's cute.

Lauren is as committed as they come, and right now she's focused on committing herself to being the voice of the students of Cornell University.  Do the right thing, help a Bro out, Vote Lauren Ritter for Student Trustee.

Vote online for Lauren April 27-29.

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