Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cornell Professor: Certified Nutjob

Chill out Brosef Stalin.  Anyone who has ever gone to a single college class in their life has yawned at least once during class.  Cornell is more than often said to be the easiest Ivy League school to get into, and hardest to stay in, and this guy is tweaking about an "overlyloud yawn"?  Just because your career has stalled, you don't have any right to flip out on your students, and then indirectly threaten to make the overlyloud yawner pay for it.  Yawn.  Peace out Napoleon Complex, looks like the career stall won't be ending anytime soon.

P.S.- If anyone is interested in sending a simple yawn video or email, here is this bromo's contact information.  Maybe even hit this asshole up with a quick yawn during his office hours.

Mark Talbert
Senior Lecturer
Information Systems
342 Statler Hall
Phone: 607-255-0363
Email: mpt2@cornell.edu


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