Friday, November 19, 2010

Does Anyone Have Any Idea What's Going on Here?

MSNBC- More than 240,000 Germans opted-out of having their homes appear on Google Street View – but not this guy.

The service launched today in 20 German cities, and it wasn't long before this pre-censored image appeared online, accompanied by text that Google Translate interprets to read, "Somewhere in Germany a Google camera car has photographed this strange situation. We have the address of Google is not anonymous."

Consider it cultural exchange. As strident as Germany is about its privacy, it's also the birthplace of the nudist Freikörperkultur (Free Body Culture), so here in puritanical America, we might take for granted lots of Germans hang out naked in their car trunks, and nobody thinks it's strange.

Wrong! Apparently, it's almost as unsettling as we'd find it here in the U.S. "Almost" because, you know, most American trunks are filthy.


WTF!?  Oh nevermind.  He's just naked in his trunk, no big deal.

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