Friday, November 19, 2010

Going Loko


First let me start off by telling a tale about one of my close friend's Four Loko experiences.  This guy drank two Four Lokos in 30 minutes.  BOLD.   So naturally like any other drunk, he got hungry.  He and his bros that he was catching up with took a stroll to the good ol dining hall.  This was roughly 6-7 o'clock according to him.... come 1:30 AM, he wakes up in the basement of the dining hall, in his own vomit, with no recollection of how he  got where he was.  Thank you, Four Loko.  This is the type of story we want to tell our kids about college, assuming we make it that far.

This week on campus the big buzz is all about Four Lokos.  By now,  everyone who has ever had a Four Loko has heard that bans are being set into place almost nation-wide.  I myself just had my first Four Loko this past weekend, and to say the least, it did its job.  Previously I stated that I was over the whole Loko rave and I wouldn't have a problem getting a buzz another way.  Where that last part is true, it turns out that I'm back on the bandwagon.  A good friend has recently presented me with an opportunity to get my hands on a couple of cases of this "Blackout in a can" as its often called, and I jumped on it immediately.  Plus, these babies still have the caffeine in them that Four Loko plans on taking out to prevent the nation-wide ban.  Red Bull & Vodka can wait, I've got my hands on some liquid gold baby!! 

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