Saturday, January 8, 2011

NFL Playoffs Begin

So the Saints vs. Seahawks game just got underway. The saints come in with a 12-4 record where the Seahawks come in with a controversial 7-9 record. As a Giants fan don't get me started about that. This should be an easy victory for the defending champion New Orleans Saints. This game is being overlooked however due to the high expectations and all the buzz around Rex Ryan's New York Jets.

The Jets face the Colt's in Indianapolis at 8:00 ET on NBC. I used to cheer for both New York football teams, but ever since Rex Ryan started opening his big mouth I've started to root against the green machine. There is no jealousy involved, I'm just someone who doesn't like arrogant bastards.

Tonight's game will be a good one. The Jets have a good shot at winning as long as Sanchez can keep his turnovers to a minimum against a sub-par defense. It would be nice to see a New York team go the distance, however I think that even if the Jets advance, the Patriots are far too strong for there to be a parade in NYC.

I hope you enjoy the games tonight and let us here know which game you are most looking forward to on The BroCave's Poll of the Week located on the side bar.

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