Saturday, January 8, 2011

Typical Knicks Fan

Just another typical, ignorant New York fan.  Aside from the Jets, who I loathe, I honestly have nothing against any New York sports teams.  However, NY sports fans are among the worst of all sports fans, accompanied by Philadelphia fans. 

First of all, even if Melo did make his way into a Knicks uniform, he wouldn't be wearing number 15.  I understand the fan's main idea here but how can you call yourself a true fan, and defend your stupidity when you aren't even aware that the two of the Knick's arguably most influential basketball players Earl Monroe and Dick Mcguire already have their number "15" hanging in the rafters.  So what number would he wear?  One this is for sure, not the number on all those Knicks jerseys with "Carmelo" printed across the back.

It's beginning to look like it won't matter.  Rumor has it that the New Jersey Nets are looking to incorporate Carmelo Anthony, Richard Hamilton, and Chauncey Billups in a package deal that would send the trio to the Nets.  Melo has previously stated that he wanted to go somewhere that he could win, with pieces already in place.  Upon arrival Anthony would sign a 3 year extension with the team, and the move would set up the Nets to potentially sign Chris Paul in the off season. 

With Brooke Lopez already a proven star, the lineup would be looking pretty solid, adding a potential playoff look to the Nets eyes.  The Nets, who are making much more aggressive moves than the Knicks, are certainly beginning to looking like the more likely suitor for frustrated Carmelo Anthony.  The unretired number 15 Nets jersey is starting to look much more rational.

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