Tuesday, February 8, 2011

KiD CuDi to Cortland, But With Who?

UPDATE: Chip The Rippa will be performing with KiD CuDi at SUNY Cortland.
Finally, the tip lines have opened, and info is flowing in.  According to The BroCave's reliable intel here at SUNY Cortland, all signs are pointing towards KiD CuDi coming to Spring Fling.  None of The Fray bullshit like last year's depressing choice.  Chances are if a girl had a boyfriend, she dragged him to that concert. That and single ladies were the audience. 

KiD CuDi, he's huge, shit's been blowing up campus-wide, targeting more of the campus as a whole, not just Hoes, but Bros too.  There still hasn't been an "official" announcement, but from what I've heard from reliable sources who've leaked some information, it seems almost inevitable.  Cudder will be coming to Spring Fling, but with who? 

J. Cole? MGMT? David Guetta? B.o.B? Kanye or Cee Lo Green would make the most sense, since they both have a few songs together.  It would be sick as hell, but chances are Kanye isn't going to truck to a small university in Upstate New York, I'm not really sure about Cee Lo Green's situation.  But opening the concert with an echoing "FUCK YOU" would be pretty awesome.

Even if Cudi comes Solo Dolo, who gives a shit, it will be SICK.  Welcome to SUNY Cortland, you're more than welcome here anytime.  Who would you like to see perform with Kid CuDi for Spring Fling?

Check out KiD CuDi's new album Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager on here or iTunes.


  1. The Fray was amazing last year.

  2. The Fray haven't been popular since like '07. Kid Cudi is such a better choice, and how about Mac Miller coming? that'd be dope, He's playing in Ithaca tonight (3/6/11) and he knows what is like being a college kid and wanting to put on a good show for SUNY Cortland. Being a student here, I am definitely attended Cudi, anything else would just be a bonus.

  3. Cudi is the tits. Definatly attending in cortland

  4. cudi's coming to SU too the day before.. whoever comes to SU will probably come to cortland? maybe? hopefully?