Monday, February 7, 2011

Bro of the Week: Aaron Rodgers

Not a real exciting Bro of the Week, I know.  Of course it's hard to live up to losing your two front teeth and not knowing how it happened.  But it was the Super Bowl, Aaron Rodgers is a Bro, and he kicked ass.  Against the number 1 ranked Pittsburgh Steeler defense whom only allowed 15 touchdowns all season, Rodgers threw for 304 yards, and 3 touchdowns.  Not only that, but he hasn't been involved in any sexual assault cases thus far in his career, a feat that is truly becoming hard to find in starting NFL quarterbacks.

Then again, I don't think his receivers are getting enough credit because of our society being so quarterback oriented.  Greg Jennings wouldn't have had a good game if it weren't for half of his receptions being touchdowns (2).  4 receptions is by no means a Greg Jennings game, but Jordy Nelson stepped up and made up for him.  Nelson caught 9 balls for 140 yards and a touchdown.  The only reason I'm actually writing about the recievers is so I could post the famous Greg Jennings, broken leg touchdown video.  "Fuck you Gumby!"

But back to the Bro, props to A-Rodg for a game and season well played despite people doubting him throughout the entire season.  It's about time more of those #4 jerseys start disappearing for Lambeau.  Lombardi trophy, Super Bowl MVP, Championship Belt, and now, Bro of the Week, Aaron Rodgers is going to Disney World.

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