Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blame Jim "Cleveland" Caldwell

Obviously I'm pretty fuckin' disgusted right now, and I'm not even a Colts fan.  I'm not sure which situation is better, the Colts defeating the cocky Rex Ryan led Jets in the Wild Card round of the playoffs, or waiting until the Jets travel to New England to watch Tom Brady absolutely tear their defense apart AGAIN.  The decision has been made for me by default, the Jets are headed to Foxboro to face their elimination.

As for Jim Caldwell, fire his ass. Quite simply put, he's a fucking idiot.  Can anyone tell me what the logic was behind the last timeout?  I'm trying to figure out what exactly it is that Caldwell brings to the table and how he compares to Tony Dungy besides the fact that they're both black Head Coaches in the NFL.  The first time I've actually seen him talk was tonight when he politely asked the ref to "throw the flag."

1) The Colts defense is horrid, ugly.  You can say the D played well tonight, but they really didn't, it helps when you're facing a sub-par offense.  The Jets offense had two things tonight, a rushing attack and a wheel route ran by Braylon Edwards. 
2) The Colts offense doesn't need but the slightest bit of coaching, Peyton Manning is the coach, and in the end, each play is determined by Peyton Manning at the line of scrimmage.
3) Caldwell is clearly a poor situational coach.  This counts as the second loss fot the Colts this season that comes because Jim Caldwell called a terrible timeout.  The first happened versus Jacksonville in week 4 when Josh Scobee hit a field goal as time expired.

In case you didn't watch the game, here's the situation...

There is 30 seconds left in the game, Colts are winning by 1, the Jets runs the ball to drain the clock, and to attempt the 49 yard field goal.  It wasn't 4th down so they most likely would run the ball at least once more probably making the kick a 45-50 yarder.  Instead of letting the clock drain and allowing the shaky field goal kicker Nick Folk (who was nearly cut earlier this season) to attempt the long kick from the Indianapolis 32, the Colts called a timeout, stopped the clock and allowing the young Mark Sanchez to get guidance from his coaches on the sideline.

Now, before the next play even happens, I'm sure anyone who knows anything about football is questioning this asshole on the Colts sideline.  Whats with the timeout?  You could even rewind and take a look at Peyton Manning's reaction as he asks out loud, "what? why?"  Under no circumstance whatsoever should that timeout have been called.  You've got to ask, WWTDD?  What would Tony Dungy do?  Nothing, the same thing every other Head Coach would do in the same situation, besides Caldwell. 

Maybe, MAYBE, Folk still makes the field goal if the timeout isn't called.  But as someone that used to kick footballs, i can tell you that 15-20 more yards in the length of the kick is an enormous difference.  If me just saying that doesn't convince you, numbers don't lie.  This season Nick Folk was 14-16, 87.5% for field goals between 30 and 39 yards longs.  He was also 3-6, 50% for field goals between 40 and 49 yards long.  Folks overall kicking percentage (76.9%) ranks 27th in the league among starting kickers.  Plus, if the timeout wasn't burned, he would've had the option to try to "freeze" Nick Folk.  Jim Caldwell helped the Jets take this one away from the Colts.

Rex Ryan, you're still a fat, loudmouth, arrogant asshole, which is why I hate everything you represent.  Go eat a goddamn snack, or maybe your wife's foot.  You'll have major foot-time after your loss to Tom Brady's Patriots next week, the same legend you've been taking personal shots at all week.  Someone let me know when you reach his status and win three Super Bowls, let alone one.  I'm waiting...

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