Monday, January 10, 2011

A Solid BroCave Flick

Tonight I came across a tasty film that caught my eye.  The name?  Pirate Radio, a movie featuring many recognizable actors, most of them being British.  When the film originally was released in the UK it was called The Boat That Rocked

In movie is Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead actors Bill Nighy, and the always comical Nick Frost.  It also includes Rhys Darby, who isn't quite a household name in the United States, but I recognized him as Jim Carrey's Boss from Yes Man.  Philip Seymour Hoffman Rounds out the cast as the movie's main star member.

The film is based on a fictitious boat with a crew full of disc jockeys that lived, and worked on it.  Unlicensed broadcasting in Britain hit a high during the 60s, the era in which the movie takes place.  The crew illegally broadcasts rock and pop not played on BBC radio from an anchored position in the North Sea located off the coast of Britain. 

Overall the movie provided a bunch of laughs, and turned out to be feel good story in the end.  Although it failed in Box Offices across both the UK and USA, it's definitely BroCave worthy.  Plus, ratings on IMDB give the picture 7.5/10 stars, clearly a watchable film, especially for a movie I didn't know existed until tonight.  Maybe worth a buy, definitely worth a download, epic soundtrack  Give it a look Bros.

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