Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You Gotta Love Hockey

Man I love hockey! Last week I went to a Rangers-Hurricanes game at MSG. It was great. Now I'm a bro that likes his goals, but I do also love me some fights. That game featured a fight in the opening period. On Tuesday, I went to a Canucks-Islanders game. In the second period of this game Tanner Glass (Canucks) and Matt Martin (Isles) get into right after the faceoff.

Now there isn't much for Islanders fans to cheer about. I mean with a 13-21-7 record the only thing to cheer about are fights. My family got the tickets for free so we went to the game. The stadium was not crowded. I have never seen more away team fans in a stadium before. Granted NY is being hit with a blizzard but are you kidding me bro? Anyway, the fight starts out in the Islanders favor. The crowd is loving every second of it. It seems towards the end as if one of them is going to drop so the crowd gets even louder. All of a sudden, Glass throws a sweet right hook and connects. The crowd went crazy!

This is the first time I have ever heard a crowd cheer for the other team. Yes it was only a fight, but you know when your team is bad when you not only cheer for fights louder than goals but you cheer about a punch that landed from an opponent player.

Fights are why I started watching hockey again. Many people say that they should be banned. Fuck off!! Hockey is almost being outmatched by soccer in the U.S. Now I love soccer, but we all know that's bad. Fights keep the games interesting. I asked my girlfriend at the start of both of the games we went to what she thinks the final score will be and this is what she said, "I don't care I just hope we see a fight." I can't blame her. I love seeing goals, they're great, but fights are awesome!

All I am saying is I love fights and I love hockey. Check out the video of a crazy knock out punch by Vancouver's Tanner Glass. Don't forget to submit an answer on our poll.

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