Monday, January 10, 2011

Beast Mode Shakes Seattle

Seattle, the city that never sleeps.  Known for it's rain and earthquakes.  Many including ESPN's Colin Cowherd who is from the area are still anticipating "the big one."  There happens to be a Pacific Northwest Seismic Network monitoring station located conveniently in the heart of Seattle.

During the 67 yard run and display of how not to tackle, the station actually recorded seismic activity from the Seahawk's "12th Man", a blip on the graph.  In these clips Beast Mode treads to a touchdown that will go down in history as one of the best NFL Playoff runs of all time. 

This video is what the NFL is all about.  Everyone's drunk, everyone's pumped, and theres nothing better than seeing a long, powerful touchdown run in the NFL when you're drunk and pumped.  The 1st person commentary and view gave me goosebumps just thinking about the atmosphere, and what the upset win for the Seahawks means to the city of Seattle.  The fan, charliemac64 says it best, "Do we belong now? Who Dat? All that shit! Fuck you all! AHAHA!"  That's what I'm talkin about baby! Earthquakes and football, that's what Seattle does!

If the 'Hawks make it past the Bears this week, which is probably the best head-to-head matchup of the remaining teams in the playoffs for the Seahawks, the the opposition is going to have a hell of a time at Qwest Field in the NFC Championship game dealing with the 12th man that you see in the video firsthand.  Seattle better prepare for another quake if they overcome Chicago this week.

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