Monday, January 10, 2011

Yankees Still in on Soriano, Waiting on Pettitte

Despite the Yankee GM Brian Cashman stating that the Bombers will not deal away they're 1st round pick for any free agent, the GM later stated that they Yanks are still in good standing with Rafael Soriano. Scott Boras, Soriano's agent, told reporters that the only team Soriano wants and will set up for is the New York Yankees. The Yankees don't seem to have much competition in the Soriano battle. The Angels who were thought to be in are almost 100% out of the running for the right-hander, the White Sox are now out and the Cardinals, the fourth running-mate, is now out as well. The wait for making an offer or deal to Soriano is basically due to whether or not Andy Pettitte re-signs.

Now as a Die-Hard Yankee fan I can tell you that I was more than bummed that after the good signings by the Red Sox, and that we didn't get Cliff Lee (Douche Bag). Besides re-signing Jeter and Mo, the Yanks really didn't get anyone. They're still waiting on Pettitte, who would be awesome to have back but is acting like hes ready for retirement. Why not go and get Soriano? It is better to have an okay or good pitching staff with an amazing bullpen than a OK staff and a OK bullpen, because that is what the Yanks have right now.

The Yankees have so much money to spend due to the fact that Lee didn't sign with them. Why wouldn't you go get Soriano? Our bullpen would be amazing! The Yanks would have Boone Logan and David Robertson to do the middle innings, then you can bring in Joba to do the 6th or 7th, there is also Feliciano who didn't give up a freaking HR in allof 2010, Rafael Soriano to do the 8th and the greatest closer of all-time to do the 9th. I mean Soriano led the league with 45 saves. He would be setting up Mariano Rivera! All I would say is Good Luck!

Now I am not trying to make it seem like this won't happen. Brian Cashman is a great GM and he knows what he is doing. I would just like to see some signs of life from the Yankees this Off-season because recently there has been no news from the Yanks. I hope we get Andy back but I respect his choice if he decides to retire. If he comes back for one more year I believe the Yankees will be in the World Series. The lineup is fine, I believe Burnett will have a bounce-back year and C.C. and Phil Hughes will do what they do best.

Let's see what the Yankees have up their sleeves. They've gotta have something right? I can't wait until baseball starts again!

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