Monday, January 10, 2011

The BroCave Loses Some Good Bros

Forbes - AOL is sometimes criticized for not having a strategy, but that couldn’t be more unfair. Heck, they’ve got a new one practically every quarter!

The latest involves consolidation of the company’s many content sites into a more manageable configuration. Two, the men’s site Asylum and the women’s site Lemondrop, are disappearing. What used to be Lemondrop will be absorbed into AOL’s other women’s offerings, while Asylum, lacking any other men’s properties with which to integrate, is being shuttered outright. It will cease publishing at the end of the month, according to several insiders, with its staffers being reassigned within AOL.


Despite being named the internet's 18th best blog of 2010 by Regator, Asylum, a predecessor to The BroCave, will be closed by AOL, Asylum's financial backer.  I any of you readers are looking to see some good stuff before the final day of it's existence, January 21, give Asylum a gander.  Writer of the rankings mentions, "despite being a woman, I'll be the first one to swipe the Esquire when it comes in the mail and I cannot get enough of Asylum."  She also goes on to say "Asylum covers sex, booze, pop culture, skateboarding animals, and everything else under the sun in a humorous, engaging way that (shhhhhhh) people of either gender will love."  Asylum will truly be missed,  good luck to the sophisticated writers and their future.  HOWEVER, that means yet another virtual door has opened for The BroCave to step into.  Keep on readin' on, CaveBros.

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